Portal Notifications

The FrankieOne Portal provides a convenient way to review that notification on entity events. The event notification feature provides a quick overview of real-time notifications for time-sensitive entity updates.

This section will walk you through the steps to view notifications, understand their significance, and manage your notification settings within the FrankieOne portal.

Accessing Notifications

To access notification lists, select notification icon (bell) besides the Profile menu.

Event notification icon

Event notification icon

The notification list will be displayed.

Event notification list

Event notification list

Notifications occur in real-time and are automatically refreshed in the Portal. This ensures that you receive timely updates for time-sensitive entity changes.

Notification Details

Each notification includes essential information such as:

  • Entity (Individual/Organization) name
  • Message (Status or Risk)
  • Time elapsed since the event occurred

Managing Notifications

Unread Notifications Counter

The notification icon displays a counter to indicate the number of unread notifications. This counter (red dot with number) shows the number of unread notifications in the list. Once you open the list, the unread notification will be marked by blue dot. This blue dot disappears once you click the notification.

Direct Navigation

Clicking on a notification will direct you to the relevant record in the portal. You will only be able to access entity records that you have appropriate access to.

Mark all as read

To skip reading all notification items, select Mark all as read to mark all items as read and remove the unread marks (blue dot).

Setting Notification settings

You can manage your notification settings by accessing the notification settings page in the Portal.

To access the Notification settings page:

  1. Select the Profile menu, then Settings.

    Settings menu

    Settings menu

  2. In the Settings page, select the Notifications tab. The Notifications settings are displayed.

    Notification settings

    Notification settings

  3. Select or unselect the options you prefer. Your selections will be applied immediately. You will start receiving notifications for your selected event types.