The Loading screen provides a loading animation that you can embed at any point of your onboarding while your app is waiting to receive a result.

Sample Loading screen


Refer to the following table to learn more about configuration options for the Loading screen.

nameThe name of the screen you want to loadname: "LOADING"
typeThe type of the flow to be used. In this use case, it needs to be "ocr".type: "ocr"
titleTitle to be displayed below the loading animation.
The default is "Loading".
title: {label: "<Your_TITLE>", style: {'ff-title': {}}}
labelThe text to be displayed in the title
styleThe styling of the title for this specific page, which overwrites the general or glostyling
descriptions[]An array containing the descriptions displayed below the title.
The default is:
" "

Sample code

To mount the screen:

const form_loading = oneSdk.component("form", {
  name: "LOADING", 
  title: {label: "Extracting data..."}, 
  descriptions: [
    {label: "Hold tight, this can take up to 30 seconds. Please do not referesh this page or click the 'back' button on your browser."}


To unmount the screen to remove it when it's no longer needed: