Working With Addresses

Common "Gotchas"


Don't forget the Address ID

When updating an address, don’t forget to include the addressId field. THis would have been in the response message when you first added the address.

You can always get the addressId (and all other IDs) if you call the GET /entity API call.


Don't forget the Country

Don’t forget to include the country. This field is mandatory, and must be one of the ISO-3166-alpha-3 codes

See here: List of ISO 3166 country codes

Address Types

Addresses have a number of available addressType options. Whilst this is an optional field, it is good practice to include the type to assist with processing and checking. It is recommended that you use the following types:

RESIDENTIAL1 - This will be the primary address used when trying to determine country of residence and primary current address. If you're using RESIDENTIAL for this, note that this will be deprecated and removed in the next major version of the API.

RESIDENTIAL2 - This is used as the previous address when checking against services that support this as an option

POSTAL - This is a mailing address. It is also used as the current residential address if no RESIDENTIAL1 or RESIDENTIAL type is found.

Address Validation

The Frankie service can optionally perform additional address validation against the Google Maps service to ensure that you have a valid address.

In order to ensure it runs, you must only provide the country code (see below) and the full address in the “longForm” field. Frankie will then attempt to find that address using the Google Maps API and if found, will break down the address into its constituent parts. If the address cannot be found, or is ambiguous, this will be reflected in an error message with suggested alternative addresses if possible.

If you wish to activate this, please contact Frankie.

Street Address and the use of the streetName field

It can be hard to break down an address and so we’ve made the streetName field quite flexible.

Whilst it is best to break the address into it’s constituent parts, you can combine streetNumber, streetName and streetType into the streetName field if required.


It's better to break down the address fields

Whilst combining the fields is readily supported, best matching results are found when you break the address down into as many fields as you can

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