Smart UI FAQ and Troubleshooting

Below are some useful and frequently asked questions and answers about using the smart UI.


Why am I getting the sit tight page after entering all the details correctly?

When you get to the end of the Smart UI flow …….


Some characters aren’t encoding correctly?

Incorrectly rendered charactersIncorrectly rendered characters

Incorrectly rendered characters

The smart UI expects that the page that is currently loading it up is UTF-8 encoded. If some characters are aren’t being rendered correct ensure that you’ve encoded your rendered html as per below

<meta charset="utf-8" />

What browsers does the Smart UI support?

The Smart UI supports all ES5-Compliant browsers. You can find a list of browsers here

How can I protect my Google API key when passed in to your widget?

You can whitelist Frankie One’s IP addresses in your google console for the API key in question. You can find our Outbound IP Addresses here

You can also find instructions on whitelisting an IP address for your google API key here

Are there any minimum height / width limitations for the smart UI?

At this point in time (Jul 13, 2021), the smart UI generally supports viewport widths of around 320-33 pixels. We will be looking to increase the responsiveness of the widget to support smaller devices, watch this space!

When is the user prompted for past addresses?

The user will only be prompted for a past address if the initially provided address does not return any results. Specifically, the user will be asked to review their details where for the address section there is a prompt asking if the user has been at that location for less than 6 months.

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