How to archive and deactivate a customer in the portal

In the portal you have the ability to ‘Archive’ and set customer records to ‘Inactive’.

In the portal you have the ability to ‘Archive’ and set customer records to ‘Inactive’. In an ‘Archive’ state, it will leave the selected customer record as accessible but will not display in the default Onboarding page. We suggest using this feature when putting customers aside that you are not actively worked on, but might want to keep in your system as a record. You can now also put a customer record into an ‘Inactivate’ state. This will effectively render the customer to a permanently archived state.[ This means all indexes will also be removed].

You must have permission to “Set entity Archived/Inactive” and “Unarchive entity “ in order to carry out the below steps.


Below are the steps required to archive a customer:

  1. Select the customer you wish to archive
  2. Click on the “…” next to recipe button and then select Archive Profile from the drop down
  3. Put a comment and click on Archive profile
  4. Click on Archive
  5. Customer is now Archived
  6. In order to fully deactive click on “Deactivate this profile” and put a comment and click “Deactivate Profile”
  7. Click on the confirmation if you wish to proceed - this is an irreversible action
  8. Customer is now status = Inactive

Archived and Inactive customers are NOT included in the pass rate dashboard statistics.

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