Perform Checks for Associated Individuals

Learn how to perform KYC and/or AML checks on individuals associated with an Australian business with the FrankieOne API.

The Check Organisation Query will just perform the KYC/AML checks on any/all known Office-bearers, shareholders, and beneficial owners. It assumes that a previous Business Ownership Query had previously been run. If not, an error will be returned.

Receiving the response


Background Processing

The Check Organisation Query endpoint always completes asynchronously, regardless of whether the X-Frankie-Background header is included in the request.

Checks for associated individuals using the Check Organisation Query endpoint are always performed in the background and the result will be returned to you asynchronously. How long this takes depends on a number of factors:

  • How complex a corporate structure we need to traverse to obtain the ultimate beneficial owners
  • How many of the names and companies you wish to perform KYC/AML checks upon
  • How complex a set of rules will apply to those KYC/AML checks.

A simple check on a company with one or two shareholders/owners can take around 20-30 seconds.

A more complex, multi-layered corporate structure with many shareholders and directors requiring checks can take upwards of 5 minutes.

See Asynchronous Calls (Backgrounding Processes) for more details.