Phone and email screening

The FrankieOne phone and email screening feature provides the following benefits:

  • Ensure your applicant is who they say they are by checking that their email and phone details match their personal details, and that they are not using an email or phone used by multiple people.
  • Stop fraudsters onboarding with disposable or new email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Utilise network of known fraudsters to block bad actors.
  • Stop a fraudster from being onboarded using non-existing or mismatching emails.

Phone and email screening + Device and behavioral characteristics

Aside from the benefits of using the FrankieOne phone and email screening, the addition of device characteristics and behavioral screening helps you:

  • Stop bots from onboarding by checking for human-like mouse movements and phone movements.
  • Ensure your applicant is in the right place by checking that their IP address matches their onboarding details.
  • Stop one fraudster onboarding multiple times by tracking the applicant’s IP address and behavioral patterns.
  • Check if a computer is hacked by screening for remote software.

Phone and email screening + Device and behavioral characteristics + Transaction monitoring

In conjunction with OneSDK, this feature adds transaction monitoring to KYT and further enhances fraud and AML risk detection and prevention by

  • Stopping scammers from draining your client’s bank account by being alerted to high velocity transactions and transactions that are a high % of the bank balance.
  • Flagging reportable transactions above $10,000 AUD.
  • Stopping your clients from sending crypto to risky counterparties or money to high-risk banks.
  • Preventing multiple users that are accessing the same crypto wallet.