Continuous KYB for an Entity

Subscribe and unsubscribe entities to continuous monitoring

The subscribe/unsubscribe API endpoint allows an entity to be added/removed from a watchlist. Once an entity is added to the watchlist any changes to the entity will result in a notification either by an email or webhook as configured.


Configuring webhook

Please see Notifications - Webhooks for more information.

These notifications can be received via webhook


Call Outs

  • The entities can only be unsubscribed from the watchlist via APIs

New endpoint



curl --request POST \
     --url '{{entityID}}/subscription?set=true' \
     --header 'Accept: application/json' \
     --header 'X-Frankie-CustomerID: YOUR_CUSTOMER_ID' \
     --header 'api_key: YOUR_API_KEY'


  "currentlySubscribed": true,
  "requestId": "01BFJA617JMJXEW6G7TDDXNSHX"

Subscribing Existing entities

This will need to be a manual process that one of our friendly Techops or Customer success representatives can assist you with.


Auto Subscribe Entities on Creation

Entities can be auto subscribed to monitoring on creation if the we have the correct configuration setup agains the Customer ID.

If the configuration is setup entities created will automatically be added to the watchlist once the entity has either passed the required checks or has been passed manually through the portal.

The entities can then be further managed using this endpoint if the necessity for the watchlist changes.