Entity Profiles / Recipes - Introduction

An ‘Entity Profile’ / Recipes is a list of checks that can be applied to an entity's personal data. It can be considered a recipe to be followed when verifying a customer.

A potential customer must pass each of the checks included in the ‘Entity Profile’ as a minimum before their profile can reach a ‘Passed’ status and they can open an account.

You can see the result of the checks run against a potential customer under the 'Overview' tab of a customer’s profile.

Entity Profiles are a way to simplify the management of the ever increasingly complex rules and check types that can be applied as part of onboarding and ongoing due diligence.

Profiles wrap up all the checkTypes, result aging and risk policy application into a pre-defined recipe that is applied whenever you run or re-run a check against a customer. 

By default an existing customer will not have a profile applied to them, but this can be done through the Edit Customer Info page. Existing check results will still be valid and count towards the profile rules.

One additional feature of entity profiles is the ability to refine the minimum number of name, address and date of birth checks. This can be used to enforce the existence of a valid address before onboarding can proceed.

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