Monitor transactions and other customer activity for fraud and AML risk.

What is Fraud & Transaction Monitoring?

FrankieOne Fraud & Transaction Monitoring solution evaluates non-financial activities and financial transactions against rulesets that determine fraud and/or money laundering risk. Risk and compliance officers can investigate pending cases in the FrankieOne portal and resolve them as either approved or declined.
FrankieOne allows you to gain a complete picture of an individual when investigating fraud cases, including any KYC information available in your FrankieOne account.

Why use FrankieOne?

FrankieOne’s Fraud & Transaction Monitoring offering allows you to complement your KYC process during onboarding to prevent bad actors from being onboarded. We help you grow your business safely by:

  • Connecting to the best-in-class fraud prevention tools
  • Helping with the placement or configuration of those checks to enhance the customer onboarding experience and conversion rate of good actors
  • Staying compliant with AML regulations, improving your customer experience, and reducing your risk of fraud and money laundering by detecting suspicious transactions and activity.

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